The 10″ CANE DRUM Pendant light is the newest addition to the Cane series. Our approach in making this piece is like that of old master glassmakers, with exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail and eye for proportion.

Drift Pattern

We’re putting our own “twist” on glass cane patterning. Glass cane is used to create striped patterning, a technique developed in 16th century Italy and prominent in mid-century design. Utilizing centuries-old techniques in a current design results in an exceptionally striking and dramatic fixture.

Details and pricing
KEEP Cane Drum Pendant Light Charcoal Drift Pattern
KEEP Cane Drum Pendant Light Pearl Drift Pattern

Attention to detail

The CANE DRUM Pendant light is made using a multi-step process, comparable to making ribbon candy. A complicated and exacting process involving many intricate, perfectly-timed stages results in one final action of inflating the glass into the desired shape.

Track pattern

A variation of the Drift, crafted with the same love and attention to detail as every KEEP object.

KEEP Cane Drum Pendant Light Charcoal Track Pattern
KEEP Cane Drum Pendant Light Pearl Track Pattern

Dimmable LED bulb

The dimmable LED bulb will last up to 30,000 hours.

Pick a color

Choose your brass finish and cloth-covered cord, offered in 5 distinct colors!

KEEP Pendant Lighting Color Cords

No robots or machines used

All KEEP objects are handmade to order, and thus slight variations in size and patterns may occur.

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